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Infrequent or one-time product feed set up instructions

If your store changes very infrequently — less than once per month — then you can just run the feed when the feed changes to save money.

The hosted feed file URL on our site expires after 30 days, and also, our feed billing stops automatically 30 days after the last activity on the feed. Refer to our billing policy for details.

To set this up, you will need a website (typically your store's files or images folder) where you can host the feed file. Once you have that arranged, then complete steps:

  1. Set the feed to 'Never' submit on the 'Modify Settings' page.
  2. Refresh the feed in your account.
  3. Download the feed file to your computer.
  4. Upload the feed file to your website.
  5. Note the URL where the feed file is on your website.
  6. Configure your destination merchant account (e.g. Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest) to fetch the feed file from the URL on your website. We recommend a daily refresh when given the option.

When your product information (especially availability and pricing) changes, and you need to update the feed, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a minimum amount of credit in your account
  2. Refresh the feed
  3. Download the feed file
  4. Upload it to your website to the same location with the same file name

By setting it up this way, you would only pay for the months you use the feed, rather than all 12. Please contact us if you need assistance with setting this up.


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Updated: June 13, 2022