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Custom Import and Google Feed Conversion

Our software can import data from your product catalog in almost any format. We can set up a Custom feed that can import from the data sources listed below. Your feed will include all of the features of our data feed service.

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(Please include links to your product catalog and/or inventory files.)

  • Flat file format
    • Tab-delimited text file (.txt)
    • Comma-separated text file (.csv)
    • Pipe-delimited text file (.txt)
    • Fixed-width text file (.txt)
    • CSV or TXT feed files for other shopping engines
    • Any delimiter, enclosure, or escape character
  • XML Format
    • Google Atom XML files
    • Generic inventory or catalog XML files
  • Excel Format
    • Excel 2003 XML format (.xml)
    • Excel 2007 .xlsx file format (Office 2003)
    • Excel 5 (BIFF) .xls file format (Office 95)
    • Symbolic LinK (SYLK) .slk file format
    • OpenOffice Calc .ods file format
  • PC/UNIX/Mac file formats
  • UTF-8, ANSI, and other character sets
  • Automatic duplicate record handling

Please refer to our Integration Guide for best practices on how to develop an export routine for your website or store platform.


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Updated: June 19, 2015