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Google Price-Inventory Supplemental Feed for High Frequency Updates

We offer Google Price-Inventory update feeds for Shopify and other shopping engines. These feeds include only three fields: id, price, and availability. They are useful for stores where price and availability changes frequently, and needs to be updated frequently.

These feeds run in 'reduced' mode so they can run faster. 'Reduced' means the amount of data retrieved from your product catalog is limited. For example, for Shopify, there is a big difference in speed because the feed does not individually fetch meta-fields for each item.

On a Shopify store with 200,000 items, the Price-Inventory feed runs in under fifteen minutes, as compared to the full feed which takes approximately two hours.

You will need to set up a Supplemental feed in your Google Merchant Center Account to process this feed. You can do this by creating a supplemental feed and using the "Take latest" rule to update your primary feed.

The Price-Inventory feeds are Standard feeds. If you need a custom schedule for the feed, please let us know.


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Updated: January 15, 2021