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Invalid or Missing microdata for condition

You may see a Missing microdata for condition notification in your Google Merchant Account. This message can be found under Diagnostics > Current Issues > Items, and likely affects all or most of your items.

To resolve this issue, first check to make sure Automatic item updates are disabled. In your Google Merchant Account, go to Settings > Automatic Item Updates and make sure to disable the settings if they are not already disabled.

If the setting is already disabled, then it is safe to ignore the message, because it is just a notice and does not affect your listings.

This issue appears to be a glitch on Google's part, because they should not be checking microdata on your website if you have disabled automatic item updates. Most likely, Google will correct the issue and the notice will disappear.

If you are still concerned, you can contact Google by phone, chat, or by using their contact form for item errors.

Of course, if you are one of the few merchants who has added microdata tags in your product pages, then you should leave the automatic item updates setting enabled, and verify that your microdata tags are there in the correct format. For more background information, see Automatic item updates with microdata.


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Updated: May 21, 2015