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Google Search Console Product Snippets Structured Data Issues

In Google Search Console or via an email from Google, you might see errors and warnings regarding your product pages like:

  1. Missing field "aggregateRating"
  2. Rating value is out of range
  3. Value in property "reviewCount" must be positive
  4. No global identifier provided (e.g., gtin, mpn, isbn)
  5. Missing field "url"
  6. Missing field "brand"
  7. Missing field "review"
  8. Missing field "priceValidUntil"
  9. Invalid price format in property "price"
  10. Missing field "hasMerchantReturnPolicy" (in "offers")
  11. Missing field "shippingDetails" (in "offers")
  12. Missing field "highPrice" (in "offers")

These errors and warnings are not regarding your Google Product Search data feed. Instead, they are regarding the product markup in the product pages on your website.

Briefly, Product Markup is a set of tags for denoting product data (like price, title, image URL, ratings, etc.) hidden in the HTML of your product pages. Other terms for product markup are: Microdata, RDF-a, JSON-LD, structured data, or rich snippets.

Since Google is receiving your product data directly and regularly via an optimized data feed, the product data on your website is redundant.

Therefore, it is not necessary to resolve the errors and warnings for your Shopping Campaigns to be effective. However, for organic search results, you may want to resolve them

We do not provide any support for Google Search Console issues beyond the general advice here. Questions regarding those issues should be directed to your e-commerce platform or store developer.

Please refer to Providing product data to Google Search for current information on how Google prefers to receive merchant data.


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Updated: June 5, 2024