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Configuring the 'condition' attribute for Google feeds.

By default, our feed sets all items to have the 'new' 'condition' value. If the 'condition' of your items varies, then follow these instructions.

  1. Add a custom field to your store catalog called 'google-condition' with a default value of 'new'.
  2. Set any items as 'refurbished' or 'used' as needed.
  3. On our site, go to Manage Feed > Define Fields > Edit 'condition'.
  4. Enter google-condition in the Field Name box, and then save the settings.
  5. Run a Refresh task, and then you can review the changes in the product list before running a submission.

Google only accepts 'refurbished', 'used', and 'new' as the condition. Your catalog must only contain these values. For an explanation of what these values mean, refer to the Google Product Feed Specifications.


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Updated: June 19, 2015